Sunday, June 27, 2010

Five Things For The Weekend

Cottage And Vine is hosting a link party and the question is"
"If you are going away for the weekend and can only take five products, in your cosmetic bag, what would they be.?"
I always like to try new things, so I can't say I have an exact routine, but the five things I would pick right now are:
  1. Bath and Body Works Lotion in Twilight Woods
  2. Versace Woman Perfume
  3. Princess Borghese Nail Lacquer in Mediterranean Coral
  4. Roc Overnight Repair Creme
  5. Princessa Kohl Eye Pencil
I picked the lotion to moisturize and I like the scent.

Ditto on the Versace Woman perfume.  For the longest time I only wore Red Door but my son said it "Smelled Like the 80's" and very "Old Ladyish".  He wasn't born until 1993, so he is guessing on what anything in the 80's might smell like, but the "Old Ladyish" bothered me so he went with me to help pick out some scents as he has to tolerate them in the car.   I was torn between Versace Woman and Calvin Klein Euphoria so I got both and when the Versace is empty, I will use the Euphoria.

I picked the nail polish because it is a cheery summer color.  People don't really notice if you don't wear any nail polish, but the sure do if it is chipped or marred so I would take it along for touch ups.

The wrinkle cream is a preventative measure because I am starting to get crows feet around my eyes and some fine line on my forehead.  I haven't been using it very long so I can't say whether it is any better than any other anti-wrinkle cream - I will wait until I am done with the tube to make that decision.

The eye pencil I would use as an eyeliner and also to pencil in my brows.  It was around $2 at a Dollar Plus store but I love the fact that it comes with a built in sharpener in the lid - higher ended cosmetic companies should take note of this - it is a pain to when you are in a hurry to have to dig through the vanity drawer for an eye pencil sharpener.

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