Friday, June 25, 2010

Rosette Buns

A quick, easy and romantic hairdo for summer for medium to long hair!

With summer being in full swing, it has been too hot to wear my hair down and I went in search of something different that the traditional bun or wadding it up in giant jaw clip and found and adorable Rosette Buns Hairstyle over at Adopt A Do.  She does all sorts of amazing hairstyles for her girls, but some are doable for adults too, such as this one.  I really like how it turned out and it took me a little under 10 minutes.  It is a bit dressier than a traditional bun without being too prissy or formal.  I like it just as well with a floral dress as I do a pair of shorts and tank top. 

I had enough trouble just trying to get a pic of my do after I got it done by snapping it in a mirror, but at Adopt a do she has instructions with pictures and many more styles.
What I used for mine:
  • Comb
  • Phat Hair Phunky Junk Defining Cream (you could use any hair gel)
  • 6 elastic bands
  • 8 bobby pins
First comb your hair into a center pony tail in back.

Put cream or gel into the pony tail to keep it smooth.  I also put some on the top and side to prevent flyaways.

Divide hair into two sections, top and bottom with the bottom having a bit more hair

Divide the top section of hair into 2 sections, twist each one, wrap it into a rosette, secure with elastic and pin down with a bobby pin.

Divide the bottom section into 3 sections, twist each one of those, wrap into a rosette, and secure each with elastic and a bobby pin.

I added an extra bobby pin at the top and the bottom to stray tame hairs and I was out the door.

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  1. I do LOVE it, Kathryn! You did a fantastic job! The Rosette Buns are a favorite of mine, too! Thanks for sharing!