Saturday, December 26, 2009

Stoned Picture Frames

These are based on a tutorial over a Ruffles And Stuff for "Easy Fancy Pants Frames" which would never have flown if I had asked my son to make something "girly" as present for his Grandma so instead we are calling these "Stoned Picture Frames".   They were inexpensive and super easy.
  •  Picture frames
  • Clear decorative stones
  • Amazing Goop or other strong, clear glue
I bought 2 bags of clear small stones, one round and the other more oval, along with two picture frames, 1 rectangle and one fish shaped from the Dollar Tree.

Position the stones on the frame to see how you want them to look.  My son decided to use the small stones on the fish and larger ones on the rectangular one.  You could add bows or flowers to dress them up more, but my son wanted to keep it simple.

Use the Amazing Goop or other clear glue and apply to the bottom of one of the stones and position it back on the frame and continue until all stones are glued to the frame.

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