Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year's Resolutions for 2010

1.  Do something nice for someone else every day.

2.  Do something creative or crafty at least once a week. 

3.  Try a new recipe, preferably something healthy, at least twice a month.  
4.  Participate in Project 365 - Take-A-Photo-A-Day
I learned of Project 365 Thrifty Little Blog where she shared she had participated this past year and shared a few of her photos along with changes that have happened in her life over the past year.  While I don't feel inspired to write something personal every day (or sometimes even once in awhile), taking a picture everyday is doable. Here is tutorial over at Photojojo - Photojojo's Tutorial for Project 365 Take- A-Photo-A-Day.
I am starting a new blog for this project over at KMOM14 365 Day - Take-A-Photo A Day Project

5.  Participate in Wardrobe Refashion
I have signed up to participate for 2 months over at Wardrobe Re-fashion where you pledge to not buy any "new" clothing for a period of 2, 4, 6 months or life and instead pledge to update and refashion pre-owned/loved items during the term of the contract.  I am only signing up for 2 months for now as I have a 16 year old teen boy that just doesn't wear the the stuff I have refashioned for him and he is going to need some new jeans, although they do have a "Get out of Refashionista Jail" that you can use just once during the term of the contract and I don't want to end up on "parole".   You also need to post once a week on the blog what you have been up to.  You can still sign up for January 1st up until December 31st here.
Wardrobe Refashion Sign-Up

6.  Learn HTML 
The internet had not even been invented when I last took any sort of computer programming class, even then, the class was theory and we had to sign up for lab time as the cost to have them in every classroom.  I want to be able to at least revise the coding so everything doesn't look jabberwocked when I publish it.

7.  Be More Active, Eat More Healthy and Lose 25 lbs.Just want to as healthy as I can.  

8.  Find A Job
Actually, this is the top priority, I just hate job hunting so it is going last on this list.  The company that I had worked for the last 5 years shut down the local branch in October so I am actively seeking employment.  Unemployment in the area runs 9-10% and competition for jobs stiff when there are any openings.  

To get a better chance of at least making the interview pile more often I plan on taking measures of improving that, such as revamping my resume, check into proficiency tests (I have already had some through JobWorks  and passed all of them, but maybe there are more I could take) and/or additional training to that will make me more marketable.  I miss interacting with people everyday, the challenges and opportunities that a full time job brings and I don't think I can handle daytime TV much longer.

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