Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ballerina Bun Remix

This is based on a tutorial for a ballerina bun remix (see steps below by The Beauty Department) which calls for flipping upside down and french braiding hair from the bottom up to the crown, securing, teasing hair for volume, spinning into a bun on top of the head and securing.

I ended up doing a variation and instead of braiding the hair I ended up twisting two strands of hair together because braiding your hair while upside down is very difficult to try to make it look decent.

Not only did I  look like a cross between one of those novelty drinking birds and the "The Grudge 2", I started getting dizzy after over half a dozen attempts.

So the only difference than what is pictured below would be to divide hair with fingers into to sections and start twisting instead of braiding.

Items used:

-  Comb
-  Hair gel or pomade (I used Phat Hair by Phunky Junk) - apply before starting steps below
-  Two non-pull elastic bands
-  4 large bobby pins

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