Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Frog Snowflake

I realize Christmas is over but I am just now getting caught up on blogging and posting it might be useful or inspire someone else next Christmas.

My son's step-grandmother collects all things frog, so when I found the template at Secret Agent Jospehine he decided to make one for her.

It was super-simple and took about five minutes including coloring.

Items used:
-  Paper
-  Printer
-  Scissors
-  Markers (green & black)

For the template to print off, click here.

Fold paper into quarters and then so the frog side is on the fold then cut out around the frog.

My son then colored the frogs with a green marker, but you could use any color or leave plain.

The original project used googly eyes, but he decided to draw in they eyes because were sent this in the mail with a photo card.

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