Friday, December 30, 2011


I made this for a former co-worker that is a huge X-Files fan.

I know at first glance it looks more like a creature that you see on the X-Files, but it actually David Duchovny's (the actor that portrayed Fox Mulder) profile.

Items used:

Print off template and cut out square where indicated on the template and then fold template in half (where crease is in the photo).

 Fold paper in half and then on the diagonal (shaded area on template) on one side and do the same on the other side - it will look sort of like an accordion when you are done.

Fold up so you just see the printed template area on the top.


Cut out around the shaded area.  Decorate with glitter glue if desired.  I went around the edges and down the center to try to emphasize the profile.

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