Saturday, May 7, 2011



I thought I would share this oversized vest I made when my son was little to wear around Easter and I thought I would share as I have gotten lots of compliments on it over the years.

This is a vest made out of pre-printed fabric and fabric, but the pictures are simple and the ideas could easily translated using fabric scraps and fabric paints.  Use an existing vest as a template for the sizing (or make it bigger if you like (be sure to add 1/2 inch all the way around for the seams.  

For the pink flower on the front just use a piece of fabric around 10 inches long and four inches wide, sew a gathering stitch at the bottom, gather and roll into a flower and hand sew where you would like.  

The 2 ties in back are about 10 inches long by 3 inches wide.

I chose to line mine using an old sheet, but you could leave it unlined.  Before sewing the vest together I used the pieces cut out for the front and the back, pinned them to the sheet and then cut out.   I then sewed the vest then and then lining then put the right sides together and stitched all the way around the vest (except for the armhole) leaving an approximate 4 inch opening at the bottom.  I then turned right sides out and hand stitched the edges together at the bottom. 

For the arm holes I pressed the seams under 1/2 inch on each arm hole and hand stitched together, but you could machine stitch 1/4 inch from the edge to save time.

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