Thursday, September 30, 2010


Super simple fun accessory!

Where I live one of the latest crazes for kids is "Silly Bands", which is basically colored silicone material in fun shapes from words to themed shapes such as trucks, sea creatures, dinosaurs and girly items and even some celebrity shapes. I bought a package of 12 dinosaur ones at Kroger for $.99 cents, but if you don't have them where you live they are sold on E-Bay   As they were too small for my wrist, I crafted them into a necklace.  It is a fun piece to wear but one word of caution is that if you have long hair, you might want it wear it up if you wear this necklace because the ends can get tangled and snagged in the bands.

Items used:
  • 10 Silly Bands
  • 30 10mm Jump Rings
  • Jump Ring Tool, purchased or or DIYed or two pairs of needlenose pliers
 Pick out which shapes you want to use and how you want the positioned on the necklace.

Use the jump ring tool or the pair of pliers to twist each of the jump rings open

 Hook one jump ring to each end of the Silly Bank then use the jump ring tool or pliers to close.
 Then use a jump ring to connect the jump ring on each end of the Silly Band.  To make sure they stayed connected and pushed the rings together with my fingers so they overlapped a wee bit and it was ready to wear in about 10 minutes!

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  1. I love this daughters school will not let the kids wear silly bands because the kids play with them. But a necklace???