Sunday, September 12, 2010

The "Love" Game Roster

I was invited by the crafty and creative Violetta at  Violet Elephant to play the "Love" Game.  Thanks for the invite!

The rules are:
-name the person who invited you
-list 1O things you LOVE
-invite 1O other people to play

The Lord

Because there would be nothing without Him.  However, I am not a fan of organized religion , even within my own I am shunned because I am divorced and told I am going to hell. In that case I have to think of it as the delayed entry program as I think my son has had a happier life and his father and I have gotten along better in the 16 years we have been divorced more than 6 years we were married.    I also am tolerant of other religions and believe people have the right to believe and worship according to their own faith.  I am thankful the Lord and the laws where I live allow free will.

My son
He is my favorite person in the whole world.  He is turned wonderful young man even though he thinks I don't listen or understand him.  I listen and understand him fine, he just doesn't like it when the answer is "no".

I enjoy working - I learn something new everyday and it expands my horizons.  Goals in the business realm are achievable through effort (not always so in the personal realm).


It is one of those things you take for granted until you don't have it.  As we live on a winding road and there are a lot of accidents that take out the utility poles, that happens about every other month for a few hours.

Also year or so ago we had a bad ice storm in town and we were without electricity for a few days and even then lucky because we are on the same grid with a lot of businesses in the area so a higher priority.  My ex was not and without electricity for over a week.   Absolutely nothing in my place worked without electricity.

Thank you Mr. Edison and Mr. Telsa!

Sewing and Crafting  
 I love sewing and crafting things.

I love the smell of foods baking in the oven during cold months as much as I do consuming the end result.

 The Computer and the Internet

With the internet we have the world at our fingertips and I love reading blogs. 

Having a vehicle to drive
I actually hate this car as there is always something going wrong with it, but I love the freedom and ability to get where I am going.   My Mom didn't have a car or learn how to drive until I was 11, which is probably why I bought a car when I was 15 before I even had a driver's license and have had a vehicle ever since.

I love watching movies on the big screen or the small screen.  Through movies we can vicariously experience a imaginary slice of someone else's life and the world of possibilities.

Thrift Stores and Garage Sales

Because someone's cast offs become my treasure, which is how the majority of the scarves were acquired.

Now comes the hard part in limiting the list to just 10 people to tag as there are so many blogs that I read on a regular basis so I had to so with sort of picking at random.

From Glitter to Gumdrops
Frugal Family Blog
blah to TADA
Happy Together
Lucille's Crafts and Designs
Barbara's Beat
Chic Steals
Closet Cooking
Darling Petunia

If you want to share your top ten "love"s and you are not listed above, feel free to create a post and post a link in the comments section and I would love to check it out!

Happy crafting and creating!


  1. What a fun list -- and a great way to learn more about you too! xoxo :-)

  2. Thank you, for putting my blog on your list!!