Monday, April 12, 2010

Rudae's Beauty College - $4 Hair Cuts on Wednesday's


If you live in or around Fort Wayne, Indiana, you might want to give going to Rudae's Beauty College a try. 

You can't beat the price of their Wednesday special of $4 for a haircut.  All the work is done by students and then reviewed by an instructor.  The quality of the work varies from student to student and how picky the instructor is.   

We have had some great cuts and some not so great cuts - just be sure to check all sides in the mirrors before you leave to make sure it is even and how you want it to look.  If not, they have always been more than happy to try to fix anything you think is a problem and be sure you leave a satisfied customer.  

We have been going there for about 3 years and I have only had trims done and no problems.   My son has natural curly hair which makes it a challenge even experienced stylists.  He gets his haircut there about every two month and of the visits, only one was really bad and it sort of looked like Kevin Costner's hairstyle in movie "The Bodyguard" as it was patchy and uneven all over and he went by himself (he is 16) and he didn't really inspect it before he left or they would have fixed it.  

The reason I am recommending them despite not always getting a fabulous cut is that they are committed to customer satisfaction - if you are unhappy with something all you have to do is speak up and they will try to fix it.  I cannot say I have always gotten this response at salons I have been to in the past because the stylist gets defensive and takes it personal.   We all have our off days, I am ok with them not being perfect all the time, if something is out of whack I just want them to fix it as I have to live with it. 

While you wouldn't want to go right before picture day at school or the day before a job interview, if you are willing to take a slight risk you can save yourself some money.   It can be a win-win situation - you can get a bargain haircut and students benefit from getting "real world" experience.

If you don't live close enough to go here, you might want to check your Yellowpages for a Beauty College near you and give them a try. 

*Disclosure:  I am not receiving anything for posting this - it is my personal opinion based on our experience with this business.

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