Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bloomingdales "Tote-ally Green Reuseable Tote" Contest

I read over at All Women Stalk Fashion where Bloomingdale's is sponsoring a tote bag designing contest.   You can create an image and upload it or there also is the option to create one online, but I found the selections too limiting. 

I decided to use a simple crossword puzzle design with Bloomingdale's name on it as going green is a lot like working one; figuring out simple actions on what each of us can do to be more eco-friendly can mean a lot in the big picture of things.

I tried making mine in my "Let's Make a T-Shirt" program, but it didn't quite transfer over right and it looks like some of the lines are missing, but it was fun anyway.  

For more info on the prizes and contest click here.

If anyone decides to participate, I would love to see your creations - just post the link in the comments.  Here is a chance to let loose your inner designer and go out and create and share it with the world.

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