Friday, July 17, 2009

Warhol 60's Inspired Tote Bag

Turn a photo in to a retro work of art to carry your groceries in! Items used:
  • 1 tote bag
  • 6 photos
  • Craft Glue
  • Packing Tape
  • Scissors

I used a Walgreens bag that I got on sale for .33 cents (they are normally .99 cents not on sale) and it was larg enough to hold 2 pictures across and 3 pictures down.

The photos are of my son checking out a guitar at a local guitar store and is one of his favorite memories, and they were created using free software at and the basic tutorial on how to tint and make collages is posted here:

I had originally intended on putting pictures over the entire bag and use the four picture collage; however, when I went to pick up the pictures from Walgreens where I had them developed, the head were chopped off on all of the 4 picture collages and none were useable, so I went with what I had left. I chose 6 photos, 1 black and white, 1 tinted, 1 with 50% tint and three with tinted 3 picture collages.

Lay them out how you want them to be on the bag.

I used packing tape across the front of the pictures to protect them, then put glue on the back of the photos 2 at a time and made sure it was long enough on each side to slighly overlap the edge.

Trim off the extra tape from the edge and allow to dry.

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  1. Ha! Totally great, creative and colorful! I love it!
    Thanks for linking up!