Thursday, January 22, 2009

Scotty Dog Scarf

My inspiration was this little stuffed Scotty Dog at "Cut Out And Keep" by Mrs. T.
Instead of making a stuffed Scotty Dog, I cut out the pieces and appliqued him to to a scarf. To make the scarf, I bought 1/2 yd. of fleece (most instructions only call for 1/4 yd., but this wider scarf you can use to tie around your head in extreme cold and it will keep the back of your neck covered to), cut about 1/4 inch at both ends then cut fringe up to one of the lines on both side of the fabric. (Cost for fabric - just under $2.00).
The Scotty dog himself is made from scraps of fabric from other projects and I cut the coat at the top and had to make some minor adjustments, then I hand stitched him on. Instead of cutting out the fabric bow, I used ribbon I already had and ties it around his neck on each dog.
I bought a pack of 100 different sized googly eyes in a packet for $1 and used the medium size and hand stitched them on also (you just poke 2 holes in the back of the eyes before you sew them on and use white thread.
I bought black fabric paint (.97 cents) and outlined him to cover up the hand stitching and I used coral fabric paint that I already had on hand for his nose.The total cost was under $4 and I still have 99 googly eyes and the black fabric paint left over for other projects.

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