Monday, January 5, 2009

Entry in to Craftster Challenge 34 - Thrifty & Stylish Wraps - "Wraps from Scraps"

I entered the above challenge with the following:
The Guitar Shaped Gift Bag
This is the guitar gift bag for smaller gifts that was fashioned out of a magazine page, plain paper, a ribbon and glue stick with a template made using old CDs. I posted a How-To on Cut And Keep:
The Shrektacular Corseted Reusable DVD Wrap
This barely made it in on time for the challenge as I had to get batteries for my camera to take pictures.
I had a design sort of in mind before I started to try to prevent peeking by making it hard to get into and it worked out well, but as I wasn't sure it would work out at all I didn't document the process as I went and now will backtrack to make a tutorial.
Recycle Gift Wraps From Magazine and Catalog Pages:
I also posted recycled wraps from magazines and catalogs. I posted a How-To on this at Cut And Keep:
WRAPS FROM RECYCLES BAGS AND PAPER Here are wraps made out plastic bags with the tags made out of paper. The idea for the plastic bags were from the following:

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