Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Adding Translation to another language in Blogger

Add script to blogger to translate your blog into 54 different languages by clicking on the country's flag.

I am trying to become more blog literate and when I had trouble with getting pictures to upload I got tips from  The Real Real Blogger Status.   There is now code and instructions on how to add a translation option to your blog here:

Pictures always help me with trying to learn something new, so I will include some.

Before you do anything to change your layout ever (and one I learned the hard way) go to the Layout tab, then click "Edit HTML" and highlight and copy everything in the box and save it to a text document and save it.  If something goes completely awry because you have gotten distracted and deleted/added something you can copy the original layout back and start over.

Click on the "Layout" tab in Blogger (is the third tab over) then click on "Add A Gadget"

It will take you to another screen, click on the  "HTML/Java Script" option.

It will take you to the Configure HTML/JavaScript screen.   I titled mine "Translator" and typed that it, but you could type in what you want.

Go to http://blogging.nitecruzr.net/2008/02/make-your-blog-speak-more-languages.html and highlight and copy the text indicated exactly indicated in the post and paste into in the box.

The only thing you need to change is a few lines down you will see

Delete what is highlighted in red (it will not be red in the box, this is just to show you the text to delete) and where that text was insert your blog's web address.

Save and go check out the new tool for your blog.  Click on the flag and it will translate your blog into that country's language.   To check the language, hover over the flag and it will come up. I played around with and so far have found the links on all of the flags to work.  The only thing is that you cannot jump from one flag to another, you have to hit the back button and go back to your blog to try a new flag/language.

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  1. It's great to be have a way of translating a blog so it can easily be read. Thanks for sharing how you did yours.