Sunday, June 2, 2013

Soap Dish from bottom of 2 liter bottle

I was inspired by a post at Alessia's Scrap Craft to create my own version of the bottom of 2 liter plastic bottle into a soap dish, although I made mine taller.  Not only does it cost almost nothing to make, it keeps the soap from getting soggy and gross on the bottom.

Items used:
  • 2 litter plastic bottle
  • Kitchen shears, Xacto Knife, box cutter or some other method to cut the bottle
  • Rhinestones 
  • E6000 or other strong clear glue
  1. Decide how tall you want your soap dish to be.  I used a line that was already on the bottle below the label for a guide.
  2. Cut the bottom off of the bottle (I used kitchen shears as I found I have better control over keeping the even, to start the cut, pinch the plastic slightly, cut, then insert one of the blades inside the bottle).
  3. Glue rhinestones around the edge - I alternated blue and clear about and put them the length of 2nd bend in my index finger as a rough guide, but you could glue them wherever you wanted.
Happy crafting!

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  1. well this is easy enough to do! and a nice way to avoid the soggy/creepy underbelly situation soap can get!