Friday, November 4, 2011


I am late to the party, but one of the blogs that I follow,  Dollar Store Crafts posted a challenge based on the show "Project Accessory" where the first week the designers had to 15 minutes to grab stuff from a storage unit to create a necklace, a belt and one other accessory.  

Here are the rules:

"Our Challenge
  • We will each start with a plain white tee and a pair of jeans, which we can alter if we wish.
  • We will each create a necklace, a belt, and an accessory of our own choosing, and make them into one cohesive look.
  • Since we don't have a storage unit to raid, we will go to the closest approximation we can:  the thrift store!  We get to pick one thrift  store and spend a maximum of $10 (before tax, since that varies from place to place).  No time limit on shopping, in case there are kids in tow...  You know how that goes!
  • The contestants on the show had access to a wall of embellishments, so it's only fair that we get to dig into our own stashes.  Each item that we make for the challenge must be made up of at least 75% thrift store items and no more than %25 stash materials.
  • The contestants had 2 days, but they also have no other responsibilities outside of the challenge.  Since we have lives to maintain, we get a week.  We'll post our creations for this challenge on Friday, November 4."
Everyone is welcome to play along with us as well!  Stop by next Friday and see what we made, and share your looks with us!"

As the deadline is tomorrow, I didn't have time to shop and raided my non-stash storage area, the garage where I seldom venture anymore.  I found the above items which I may or may not use on my project:  
  • An old license plate
  • Stained t-shirt that was going to be used as a car washing rag
  • 3 Hot Wheels (one broken)
  • Wheel off a scale model car 
  • Purse I got from a free box at a garage sale a few years ago and never used and never got around to donating to Goodwill. 
I plan on spending $0 for this challenge.
If anyone wants to join in,  please do so and let Dollar Store Crafts know as well as myself as I would love to check out your creations!


  1. Awesome! I'm so excited to see that other people are joining in the fun! We'll be posting a reveal post tonight that will have a linky so you can show off your creations, make sure you stop by DSC to show off what you made! (The post will also have the week 2 challenge!)