Saturday, November 13, 2010


As I wrote in this post,  this is part of an outfit post challenge by Carly at Chic Steals  to wear a previously forgotten outfit and throwing in a DIYed item.

As she has commented, and I agree, it does get you out a comfort zone to wear the tried and true favorites, but it also can open up new possibilities - it has made me realize that I basically graze the first foot of my closet for an outfit wear and it has made me dig out clothes I had truly forgotten that I owned.

The blazer is a Karen Scott (Macy's)that I had forgot I owned and had not worn in about 6 years.

The Phillip Lim nautical inspired top is my DIY'ed item made using an old white t-shirt, beaded rope trim and decorative stones from the dollar store.   It turned out very pretty, but the stones are a bit heavy - getting plastic jewels like the project that inspired me Carbon Couture  is a better long term option.

The skirt is "Requirements" - do not recall exactly where I got it - I think it was from a consignment shop several years ago.  

The shoes are "Kathy Lee" from Walmart from over 10 years ago - after the "sweatshop" scandal was cleaned up and - still think of when I wear them so don't wear them often even though the are comfortable.

I have never worn all of these pieces together before and while the skirt will be stored for he Winter, the blazer for sure is going into future outfits.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving and being thankful for what you already have, I would encourage other to push their comfort zone, even if just for one day, and wear a "rediscovered" wardrobe item; if you find it is just not your style anymore, donate it to charity for someone else to enjoy.

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