Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentines Goody Box from Ice Cream Container

Upcycle and ice cream container into a cute goody box for Valentine's Day!

I am using this a cookie container to give out cookies for Valentine's Day treats and it can be used for storing other things once it is empty.   It took about 10 minutes and costs almost nothing to make.

Items used:
  • Ice Cream Container - empty, washed
  • 2 colors Decorative gift wrap or scrapbook paper
  • Marker or pen
  • Scissors
  • 1/4 inch ribbon - 20 inches
  • Pre-made bow or bow made from wire edged ribbon ribbon
  • Glue stick or craft glue
  • Glue Gun and glue stick
Lay the container on the paper, putting it on the corner end and flipping over until it will cover the circumference of the container.   Mark on the paper then cut.

I used a Blue Bunny Brand container which is made of plastic and narrower at the bottom than it is at the top, so I did end up cutting the paper into two segments and then overlapped on the sides. 

Rub a glue stick on the container (or use craft glue) and glue the paper to the container.  I do not recommend using the glue gun as it give a lumpy appearance.   I used mylar gift wrap from Dollar Tree, but other themed wrap or scrapbook paper could be used.  Glue the paper to the container. 

For the front, I cut out the letters "LOVE" freehand from the mylar, but any different paper from the wrap applied to the container would do.   Glue on with glue stick or craft glue.

For the back I cut out a heart freehand and glued it down with a glue stick.

For the top,  put the paper right side down and put the lid on top of it and trace around it with a marker or pen, then cut out and glue to the top with a glue stick or craft glue.

Starting at one of the edges on the lid, apply a bit of hot glue on the lid at a time and glue the ribbon around the edge.  I used a silver grey ribbon.

Apply hot glue to the bottom of the the pre-made bow or to make you own, use wire wrapped ribbon and fold over itself into approx. 4 inch long strip, wrap around the center with a string and tie off the pull each piece of the bow out.

Glue the ribbon to the lid and it is ready to fill with goodies.


  1. Thanks so much for dropping by Craft Schooling Sunday and posting this great project! Recycled container crafts are my favorite! All the best, and hope to see you again next week. Sara

  2. Those cartons are too sturdy to discard. Nice job. Looking forward to more of your creative ideas.