Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Corseted Film Strip Jar Candle Holder

Upcycle an old jar and film negatives into a unique candle holder! Items used:
  • Jar
  • Film negatives
  • Crotchet thread (cut into 36-40 inch pieces)
  • Yarn needle or wire
  • Glue (optional)
I didn't have a yarn needle, so took a small piece of beading wire, folded it in half and twisted it to then threaded the crochet thread through the holes in the negatives. Take the piece of crochet thread (36-40 inches long and thread through the bottom of the negative and center the thread then tie in a knot.
Thread one side of the thread through the holes at least every other hole, weaving back and forth.
Repeat with other side and link negatives and the two pieces for each side together in a knot, then ties into a bow. If the ends are too long, trim to the length you would like. Repeat steps adding another negative to the ones that you have attached together until you have enough to go around the circumference of the jar.
Once you have enough to go around the circumference of the jar, weave the two sides together to form a circle.
Use a tealight or votive to place into the center of the jar
Put the circle of negatives over the jar and tack down a with a bit of glue at the top and bottom of the jar.

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